Heavysaurus is Coming!

Lately we’ve given some little hints about our next book app. I’ve written in this blog that they’re green and they rock hard. Well, the title of this post already revealed that they are the Heavysaurus. The first impression of these long-haired reptiles dressed in spiked bracelets and black leather can be a bit dark, but that’s not the whole truth. They’re actually quite jolly personalities, so it’s no wonder that their fan base mainly consists of kids who enjoy four dinosaurs and a dragon rocking about homework and monsters.

Our first Heavysaurus app is actually ready. Now we’re only waiting for App Store approval before the Finnish book app is available. I’ve enjoyed the page where you can play the drums just by tapping the iPad screen, so I’ve spent some time kicking the bass drum and hitting crash cymbal, hi-hat and a snare drum. For the kids, this colorful introduction of the Heavysaurus band is a great way to see what the rock concerts are all about, and they get to know different instruments at the same time.

We’ve been working on with the Heavysaurus book app for a few months already, and they get along with the Moomins just fine. Actually there’s still plenty of room for new children’s book characters in our portfolio. And believe me, there are many other franchises coming. We just cannot officially announce them yet. When the time is right I’ll start dropping some new hints. Anyways, it shouldn’t take that long before you can get the interactive Heavysaurus storybook from the App Store. Räyh! ,,/


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