Rocking with the Heavysaurus App

Are you ready to rock with your iPad? You should be because a green heavy metal wave has hit the App Store! Heavysaurus has conquered a new frontier. Our new bright green friends, wearing black leather clothes, are now available as an interactive storybook for the first time.

Working together with a heavy metal band is so cool, but that’s not the only reason to make a Heavysaurus book app. We believe that interactive storybooks have great potential to bring music and literature together. Think about your own childhood and the similar products that were on the market back then. If you’re about my age, the closest thing to book apps were audiobooks that included a cassette and a booklet. Those had enchanting music bits and a magical sound to indicate when to turn the page.

At that time it was rather difficult to rewind the tape to listen to my favorite parts again and of course there were no interactions. We’ve come a long way from those days. In our Heavysaurus app, music is an integral part of the story. This will help children learn to recognize different instruments while they’re enjoying the book app and its interactions. This gives Heavysaurus a chance to reach a totally new audience, introducing music lovers to Heavysaurus stories and avid readers to the band’s music.

An application like Heavysaurus on Tour can enrich music with stories and books with interactions. It’s something that could rock both music and publishing industry.


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