Why to Make Book Apps?

People have talked about the digital reading revolution for a long time. If you didn’t notice, it’s definitely here. More and more books are published and read as e-books and book apps. The simple reason for this? There’s a generation of readers that expects everything to be interactive. Check this video for proof.

All the benefits and possibilities of digital publishing have been known for a long time already. For example the copies are cheaper to produce and distribute when you don’t need to print anything. So why did it take so long? I guess all were waiting for e-paper and then suddenly noticed that there are tablets and smartphones available at a reasonable price. This means you can now get book apps with exciting interactions a lot cheaper than printed books. The wait is finally over.

When iPad was first launched, people were unsure about what all you could do with it. Many people have figured it out by now because there are 400 million accounts on the App Store. Those 400 million users have downloaded 30 billion applications in four years and the pace seems to be only accelerating.

Those kind of gigantic numbers and sophisticated tablet features offer great opportunities if you want to make reading fun again. There are many people that have lost the joy of reading along the way, but we want to pull them back in to the wonderful world of reading. You always hear how TV and DVD’s are passive media that don’t allow you to use your imagination. Well, interactive storybooks are something else if you want to give the stories your own touch.

Kids love book apps that you can touch and interact with. So when you now read interactive storybooks with your children, there’s so much more you can do together that will make the reading experience even more exciting. You want to impress your kid, right?

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