Typical Day at Spinfy

This time I will recap what we’ve been doing lately. First of all, we’ve got our hands full of new productions and projects. I cannot share all the details yet but this week we received the Chinese and Russian translations of the Moomin and the Lost Belongings. Now we’re waiting for the narration in those two languages. It will be very exciting when we get the sound files and hear our Moomin story in Chinese and in Russian for the first time!

In addition to language versions, there’s also a third Moomin app coming from us this year. And we won’t stop there! Actually, we would love to hear your ideas on what kind of Moomin apps you would like to spend your time with. Naturally the Moomins and the Heavysaurus aren’t the only brands we’re working on. I’m dying to tell you who are the new children’s book characters that are making a jump from picture books into interactive storybooks but you have to wait a bit longer. Any wild guesses?

Book apps aren’t the only thing we do here. We’re in the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service corporate program. They have a donor center two floors down from our office, so once in a while our employees go there to donate some blood. I was there only two weeks ago. We’re also playing floorball with the IT company next door in mixed teams. Those have been pretty intense games but we can still have shared coffee breaks together.

Christmas is getting closer but we’re not thinking about that yet. First we have to throw our Christmas party. That’s why we’re going to spend a long weekend at Levi ski resort in December. We will also have there meetings with the good people of WSOY publishing house and Sami and Riina Kaarla who illustrated and wrote the Moomin and the Lost Belongings. In those meetings we will talk about the upcoming Moomin apps. The same Moomin apps we would love to hear your ideas on.

And no, we don't have typical days at Spinfy. As we speak I hear loud hip hop music from our R&D and I have no idea what's going on in there.


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