Run Out of Christmas Gift Ideas?

Lately we’ve been so busy that we haven’t had the time to update our blog or think about any Christmas gift shopping. That’s why we asked on Twitter what is the must have Moomin gift this Christmas. Surprisingly nobody mentioned Moomin apps! I guess they didn’t know we have a new Moomin app coming to the App Store just before Christmas. Not to forget Tatu and Patu!

Thanks to our upcoming releases, we expect to have a great Christmas. Especially when tablets are on the top of many Christmas gift wish lists. It’s even expected that tablet sales will surpass laptop sales this Christmas for the very first time. When you think about it, tablet is an excellent gift for the whole family because it’s easy to use. There are no difficult operating systems, and you don’t need a keyboard or a mouse to use it. Just tap the touch screen. It’s perfect for children’s tiny fingers, and they will quickly figure out the navigation.

What we like about tablets is that they make great e-readers thanks to their portable size and big screens. And there are more applications than ever just for kids. Touchscreen features seem to make reading experience more personal when you can take an active part on what’s going to happen next. Not to forget that tablets are thin and light to carry with you everywhere.

The best part is that tablets aren’t those gifts that you just put aside after Christmas. There are hundreds of thousands of applications available on the App Store, Google Play and other virtual marketplaces. This means you can add new features and adapt your tablet according to your needs, making it more useful. Book apps even cost less than printed picture books although they come with fascinating interactions, funny sound effects and lively narration you never could have imagined on a printed book. So go get your tablet already! Now, if only we could figure out our gift problems…

By the way, how does it sound to have a Christmas party at Levi ski resort? We will find out what's it like this weekend!


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