Does Spring Make Us Better App Developers?

Every year the first really sunny days lighten us up in Finland. The steps seem to be lighter, smile is wider and everything feels simply brighter. See, I’m even writing with rhymes! It’s amazing how people in the North quickly turn into happy human beings as soon as there’s enough light.

Think about what this annual change does for a working environment! I’ve paid attention and noticed a few things at our office. Programmers and graphic designers come earlier and earlier to the office, we all go out and have lunch together, and many of us cycle to work instead of driving by car. Guys seem to be even more creative and active! I’m convinced it’s the sun.

This brings us to the question I’ve been pondering: are app developers more efficient when sun is shining? I believe they are. Sun brings out the best of us. We want to communicate more, see things in different perspectives and especially listen to the ideas of others. Isn’t that what the app development is all about? Discussing and creating together, being enthusiastic and openminded. Especially interesting is that these characteristics remind us of children. So, even more importantly: can sun bring out the best kids app developers of us?

Being able to step into kids' shoes is crucial for kids app development. If sun makes us happier and less troublesome, I bet we are one step closer to child's perspective. Of course I don’t claim autumn's darkness couldn’t be as productive time of a year as spring. Actually, we have some proof of high quality apps produced in autumn, for example our beloved kids app Moomin and the Lost Belongings. What I’m trying to say is that I believe spring has more potential to bring out the best of us all. And I don't mean only programmers and animators. I mean you, too.

Spring is here now. Enjoy the sunny weather and embrace the energy you can get from it! After a long dark winter we all deserve a bit of sunshine!


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