Heavysaurus Rocking with Spinfy and Otava

Spinfy and Otava have signed a contract to produce and publish interactive storybooks together. The first book app in the line will be about the Heavysaurus band. They are the kings of Jurassic metal, consisting of four dinosaurs and a dragon. The book application will be published on the App Store in September.

Heavysaurus records have been very successful in the charts, and they are the hottest things in the Finnish children's music at the moment. After sold-out concert halls, Heavysaurus wants to conquer the App Store as well. The first interactive Heavysaurus storybook will introduce the band members and their instruments.

“It’s very exciting for us to start working with the heavyweights of the children’s metal music”, says Kimmo Alaniska, CEO at Spinfy. “We see a lot of potential in our Heavysaurus book app because the band has very enthusiastic, young fans. Heavysaurus brought heavy metal to children’s rooms and they’ve been sweeping kindergartens. Now it’s time to conquer the App Store.”

“After seeing the previous works by Spinfy, we knew they would be the perfect book app partner for us”, says Fredrik Rahka, Publishing Manager at Otava. “The purpose of our cooperation is to create successful children’s apps for global distribution, starting with the Heavysaurus. I look forward to see all the magnificent children’s book apps that we will produce together with Spinfy.”