Tatu and Patu Take It to the App Store

Nominated for the 2012 Finlandia Junior Prize, Tatu and Patu Take It Outside will be released as an interactive storybook this December by Spinfy and Otava. This will be the first time Tatu and Patu will make an appearance on smartphones and tablets. At first, the book app will be available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone in Finnish and it will contain three action-filled chapters from the printed book.

Tatu and Patu are super-popular brothers from Oddville and they have appeared on over ten children’s picture books, full of amusing details. Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen’s Tatu and Patu Take It Outside is an odd manual of outdoor fun, teaching how to climb a tree, how to use pinecones in 22 different ways, and how to play store with whatever you can find from the yard.

“Tatu and Patu were popular at my house even before this book app”, says Kimmo Alaniska, CEO at Spinfy. “Their screwball humor appeals to both kids and parents so it has been fun to work with the brothers and to see them come alive in funny animations.”