What our partners think about us

“We’ve been very happy with our relationship with Spinfy in every way, because they always listen to our opinions. That’s extremely important for us as the owners of the Moomin brand.  We’re also most pleased with the quality of Moomin applications and the fact that they are true to the original story. This gives us an important chance to reach a wider audience.”
Roleff Krakström, CEO, Moomin Characters

"Our co-operation with Spinfy in producing and publishing Moomin apps has been very successful and it has provided an excellent business model to combine publishing professionalism with technical competence so that both parties can concentrate on their own expertise. I can really recommend this type of co-operation to all publishers! We have experienced genuine enthusiasm and advanced technical competence in all actions by Spinfy!"
Lippo Luukkonen, Publisher, WSOY

"Spinfy is one of the few app companies who really know how to take a classic and much loved story, with illustrations that have become design icons, and turn it into a new and engaging book app. Their Moomin, Mymble and Little My app is a perfect example. Each effect is chosen to enhance the original story. They are also creative and supportive marketing partners, good at weighing up new ideas and willing to experiment."
Natania Jansz, Publisher, Sort of Books

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