Moomin PAD has a specifically designed safe user interface for children called Moomin Playground. In addition you can use the standard Android user interface as with any other Android device. These user interfaces are called Launchers. We recommend you make this Moomin Playground the default Launcher, so every time the device is started it opens up in the Moomin Playground. 

Moomin PAD is running on standard Android 4.4. operating system. Complete user guide for Android system can be found on Google support pages. Please note that some features (such as Bluetooth and NFC) are not available for Moomn PAD.

Moomin Playground

You can start Moomin Playground by clicking it's icon: 

Moomin Playground

First select your language for Moomin Playground. Please note that Moomin Playground and Android can have different language settings.

When you start the Moomin Playground first time you will be asked for user name and parent's email address. We strongly recommend you to fill in a working email address that you normally follow. We will send important notifications of product security updates and may offer you special Moomin related offers available only for Moomin PAD owners to this email address. Your data is safe with us, read the privacy policy here.

Next you will be asked to set a password for parents. Use a password that you can easily remember.

Parental Controls

In Moomin Playground you can see a Parental Controls software. Start by cliking it's icon and set up how your kid's can use the Moomin PAD.

You will first be asked for the password which you set up first time you started the Moomin Playground.

Type in the password and click ok. You will see the Parental Control's main menu:

By selecting 'Available apps' you will see a list of all apps on the device. You can select which ones are available on Moomin playground by selecting a tick box next to apps name. 

With selection 'Browser URLs' you can define web addresses which are accessible with the Children Browser.

With 'Time Manager' you can set the maximum continuous time child can use the Moomin PAD - and the rest time needed before next session. 

With the 'First time wizard' you can change your preset information (language selection and email address). 'Selection Password' you can change your password for Parental Controls